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STICK-LETS® - Forest Fort Bag *NEW!*


Meet our Forest Fort Bag! We collaborated with Fresh Artists, a local Philadelphia non-profit, and young artists to develop vibrant surface patterns for our newest product. ▪️The perfect sidekick for STICK-LETS®️! ▪️Designed to neatly store and transport short and long sticks. ▪️Intuitive design—making it easy to use and carry for gatherers of all ages. ▪️Two-way convertible bag that can be used as a handle bag or shoulder carry bag. ▪️Double layer of thick cotton canvas with a bright, full-color print on the outside surface. ▪️Surface design created by a young Philly-based art student during Fresh Artists Design Lab. ▪️Sturdy rope ties on the two open ends to help secure sticks during transport. ▪️Open ends allow for easy stick collection when on-the-go! ▪️Designed to lay flat in its open position allowing users to easily fill the bag with fort building supplies. ▪️Snap button closure at the center. ▪️Machine washable.